Mid-Wales Axe Racing Team
  • Welsh Axemen 2015 Welsh Axemen 2015
  • Standing Block Standing Block - Knighton Show
  • Chainsaw Chainsaw - Cutting through lengths of timber (using Axe or Saw) in the fastest time
  • Underhand Chop Underhand Chop - Cut through a length of timber in the fastest time.
  • Welsh Axemen Welsh Axemen
  • Crosscut sawing Crosscut sawing - Traditional cross cut sawing, requiring 2 men, races the modern day chainsaw.
  • Tree Climb Tree Climb - Scale a "tree" using boards inserted into notches, then cut top off.

Welcome to Welsh Axemen

Welcome to the Welsh Axemen’s website. Here you will find all about the Welsh Axemen, what they do and where you can see them. (Event’s page)

The Welsh Axemen are a Lumberjack sports team who demonstrate and compete in shows and events across the UK. 

The Axemen demonstrate and compete in a variety of different events using axes and saws showing original lumberjack skills, along side modern techniques and equipment. 


Where did it all begin?

In the late 19th century Australia foresters would compete with each other outside of work in a variety of disciplines to put there skills to the test. This grew across many countries including America, Canada, New Zealand and Europe landing in the UK in the 1960’s. 




Chainsaw Carving

The Welsh Axemen start their demonstration’s using chainsaws to carve a small item which is usually given away to the younger members of the crowd. 


Stock Saw racing

Using two perfectly matched chainsaw’s in a race to see who is the best chainsaw operator, cutting two “cookies” in the fastest time. 


Modified Saw

Taking a standard chainsaw, we then modify it by adding a racing exhaust and port and polish the engine. Similar to the stock saw we race the saws against each other, this time with more noise and faster speeds to show what can be achieved with minor modifications. 



Using a razor sharp axe, the springboard chop simulates the old techniques of getting above the hard to cut wood. The Axemen cut a pocket into the springboard pole then insert a springboard into the pocket, they complete this for a second time, then while standing on the springboard they cut the log attached to the top. The fastest time is the winner.  


Standing Block

This demonstrates the felling of a tree. The axemen cut the log using axes from both sides until the block is completely severed. This technique requires accuracy along with strength. 


Under Hand

This demonstrates the cutting up of timber into more manageable lengths. The Axemen stand on small foot holes cut into the top of the log then cutting just millimetres from their feet, they work the log from both sides until completely severed. These Axemen need nerves of steel for this event. 


Hot Saw

Hot saw’s are custom built chainsaw’s usually using motorbike or go-kart engines. These are extremely fast, extremely loud and a crowd favourite. Again like the Stock Saw the operator cuts three “cookies” in sequence. This is usually completed quicker than a single “cookie” using a standard chainsaw.