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Welcome to the Welsh Axemen's Web site!

Within these pages you will find out about the sport of Axe Racing, and (more importantly!) when & where to see the Welsh Axemen (see Diary page).

But first, what is Axe Racing? In a nutshell it's using razor sharp axes in competition to simulate the falling of a tree, and cutting it up into lengths.
So it's a work derived sport. It's origins were in the early lumber camps of Australia, New Zealand, & Canada, but now it's spread around the globe.

Here are some of the events:-

Standing Block & Underhand Block  

Also Chainsaws

Cut through
 a length of
 timber in
the fastest
Crosscut sawing

hainsaw demonstrations include making an article which is then presented to a child in the audience.

Tree Climb

Hard Hit Block

Scale a "tree"
 using boards
 inserted into notches,
 then cut top off.

Cutting through
 a log in the minimum number of axe hits
To view or buy Photo's, Video's, & DVD's see the Contacts page.


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